OK2Fly Checklist Templates

The threshold for travel has changed. Make sure you’re prepared for every outcome before committing to a factory visit in the post-COVID world.

Download our free OK2FLY templates featured image

Download our free OK2FLY templates

Download our checklists for materials, SMT, FATP, rework, line setup, and reliability testing.

Traveling to Asia for a build is one of the most visceral responsibilities of being a product design engineer. Seeing your product come together in real life for the first time is an exciting experience. But without proper preparation, you could be wasting time, money, and effort waiting to get things started.

To give you and your team the best chance of success at a build, you need to work with your contract manufacturer and upstream vendors to share your expectations of the upcoming build and empower them to meet those expectations. Your version of ready and their version of ready may differ greatly so the OK2Fly checklist can help ensure there is an objective way to say when the factory and team are ready. This can be summed up in the saying “Trust but verify.”

We put together these OK2Fly checklists to help you communicate to your factory team how you expect to hit the ground running once you arrive overseas. Don’t expect to send this exact template over to the factory and have it come back 100% completed right away. You will need to tweak it to meet your specific requirements and go back and forth with your vendor multiple times before things are completely signed off.

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