How to Mitigate Risk 
and Streamline Factory Moves

Embrace the future of the manufacturing industry and implement solutions that allow you to navigate change with ease.

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Download the Instrumental playbook to factory moves and mitigating risk

Get 6 pages of information on standing up new factories in new locations and how to mitigate risk across the supply chain.

Global brands were made aware of the fragility of their supply chains nearly overnight when the pandemic hit. Factories across the world started shutting down, and delays in production were further exacerbated by shipping and transportation delays. This led to a shortage in parts and pieces that are essential to both everyday products for consumers and critical solutions for businesses.

Years later, a single supply chain disruption can still cause a delay in a market release, ultimately costing a brand millions in lost revenue—and many days of manufacturing delays. In other words, many of the operational challenges brands faced in early 2020 are challenges they’re still grappling with today.
As concerns about the predictability (or lack thereof) in the supply chain aren’t dissipating—in fact, they’re worsening in some cases—brands are starting to make moves, literally. They want to gain a sense of operational control back, but like any major production change, moving the location of a brand’s factories comes with its own set of challenges.

We understand the pressure and the stress associated with relocating factories, and we’re here to help streamline the process, reduce the risk, and provide a greater sense of confidence for the brands ready to make moves.

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