Instrumental for
Contract Manufacturers

Manufacturing AI and Data Platform

Improve FPY by 3% and reduce inspection costs by 75% with AI that intercepts both known and novel defects.
Instrumental’s platform aggregates manufacturing data and uses powerful AI to reduce escapes. Discover issues earlier with superhuman visual inspection and improve yield.

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Improve FPY

Catch production issues and intercept unknown defects faster than a human with AI.

Meet Launch Date

Avoid surprises. Find novel issues proactively with AI by leveraging digital thread correlations.

Reduce Scrap and Rework

Reduce bone pile, teardowns, and rework by intercepting defective units post-SMT. 

Operator Training

Run hundreds of inspections in seconds, with real-time AI visual inspection. 


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63% faster inspection

4.8% of operator escapes prevented

75% reduction in inspection operators

1-month breakeven