Introducing New Remote Collaboration Features For Manufacturers


Real-time communication is critical when you are in a build. Identifying defects and conducting failure analysis quickly was already difficult before travel restrictions were in place. Now – with product design teams working across time zones or offices – it’s harder than ever for engineers to stay on the same page about every issue let alone maintain solid documentation about your analysis. It’s clear that product design engineers need better remote collaboration tools to stay effective. 

That’s why Instrumental is introducing in-app comments for our Discover AI feature: to keep engineers aligned and working from a single source of truth. 

For those not familiar with Instrumental, Discover AI uses machine learning to identify anomalies in every unit at every pertinent stage of its assembly. These anomalies are aggregated and tracked in the Discovery section of our app. 

In-app comments allow product design engineers to leave notes and feedback on the visual record of any recurring issue. This can help teams coordinate fixes without extended FaceTime or Zoom calls or via Slack or email. Teams across time zones can tag specific users in comments which will automatically notify them of the request to collaborate. 

To use this feature, simply navigate to the Discover section, click on the comment box below the issue you want to make a comment on, and leave your comment. You can also use the @ symbol to tag another user within your comment – they’ll be notified by email and can follow up seamlessly! 

Comments will be stored so that you can easily find them even after the issue has been solved. Direct links to Discoveries, such as those in @mention notification emails, will continue to work even if the discovery is not among the latest discoveries visible in the Discover tab. Comments added to discoveries with no other comments are also added to the Queue, which makes them easier to find again. 

Note: The “@” mention feature can only reach members of the project. The best way to reach Instrumental Customer Success is via email.

The comment feature is available now on all of your projects where Discover is enabled. It is free to use and we welcome any feedback you have about it. If you have other ways we can facilitate remote collaboration for our users, please let us know. 

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