Webinar | Analysis of the 2020 Top Ten Production Defects

Analysis of aggregated, anonymized data from over 3M production units

Gain access to the webinar recording and PDF featured image

Gain access to the webinar recording and PDF

Learn to prevent these production defects on your 2021 lines.

2021 will be the first year that companies may need to manage the entire product development lifecycle remotely – and having the right data now will be more important than ever.

Leveraging aggregated and anonymized production data from across 3 million production units, Instrumental has the most accurate look available at what defects most commonly escape into the field. Find out about these common defect types, how they are changing over time, and new cutting-edge strategies you can implement in your new development programs to prevent these defects on your production lines.

As many teams wrap up their production programs this summer and start to look ahead towards starting new programs this fall, join Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, CEO of Instrumental, and Tobias Harrison-Noonan, Director of Solutions Architecture to get a first look at Instrumental’s 2020 Top 10 Production Defects Report.

Data Demographics:

  • Analyzed over 3M ramp and production units
  • Over 100K defects detected and included
  • Spanning 10+ consumer and enterprise electronics products
  • Assembled in the world’s premier electronics factories: Pegatron, Flex, Quanta, Foxconn, and others

Accelerate NPI from anywhere.

Instrumental captures images on the assembly line and leverages AI to detect defects and enable manufacturing optimization from anywhere.

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