The 2022 State of Mass Production

Engineering and operations teams in electronics manufacturing reveal supply chain struggles and tasks that waste their time

See what 300+ engineering and operations professionals in electronics manufacturing are saying about the state of mass production featured image

See what 300+ engineering and operations professionals in electronics manufacturing are saying about the state of mass production

Get 12 pages of research on trends in electronics manufacturing, plus advice from leaders at Oracle, Peloton and Instrumental on navigating a new age of mass production.

Introducing the 2022 State of Mass Production Report

Today, reports show that mentions of “supply chain” in earnings calls by Fortune 500 companies rose 412% in just two years. Tens of millions have also joined The Great Resignation, which is particularly affecting manufacturing. In the middle of these seismic changes, it was impossible to see the long-term industry impact. Now, two years later, we can finally begin to assess the influence of these sudden shifts on mass production. That’s why we’re launching a new report, The 2022 State of Mass Production.

We wanted to know how engineering and operations teams in mass production are coping with supply chain disruptions and data collection when they can’t visit the factory floor, so we surveyed over 300 individuals across electronics manufacturing — in verticals such as consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, aerospace and mission-critical electronics. While the supply chain bubbled to the top of the list of concerns (41% list “adapting supply chain disruptions” as their top concern), we found it’s far from the only thing on their minds:

  • 28% are concerned about scaling for increased demand
  • 41% of those in consumer electronics manufacturing are concerned about their reduced ability to travel to the factory
  • 81% of those who aren’t satisfied with their company’s data infrastructure rely on manually compiled reports
  • 60% still rely on manually compiled data from their lines

This report reveals findings about the top concerns and trends for electronics manufacturing mass production, including:

  • Why consumer and industrial electronics manufacturing have different concerns about the supply chain and traveling to the factory floor
  • The tasks that eat up production teams’ time
  • How a company’s data infrastructure directly affects an employee’s level of satisfaction in their job
  • The #1 thing NPI teams can do to support MP teams during ramp

Download the report today to read the data and analysis, plus advice from industry leaders at Oracle, Peloton and Instrumental.

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