Team Spotlights: Blog Series

Our people are our most valuable product at Instrumental. We believe in hiring the best teammates who are ready to work with joy, be helpful, and play to win! Get to know some of our awesome teammates through this blog series.

Brian Torres

Staff Site Reliability Engineer

Today we'll meet Brian, one of our Site Reliability Engineer. Learn more about how he supports others, his favorite office activity, and what he likes most about his role!

What does your typical day look like at Instrumental?

As an SRE I’m mostly in a support role. Since I make everyone else around me better, faster or soak alerts so they don’t have to, I spend a solid quarter or third of my day just helping others. The rest of it is in chunky multi-month projects and migrations that help prepare for the company’s expansion.

Why did you choose Instrumental?

I chose instrumental to have a larger impact because the team is (was) smaller. We’re still smallish and scrappy and I still get to help in ways that let me have a larger impact than I would in a larger organization.

Tell us one thing that people may not know about you.

I have an art degree. I’m probably among the last engineers that managed to get into the industry through my hobby work rather than through a college degree.

Since joining Instrumental, what has been your favorite memory working here?

During The Lost Years of Covid we had an office boba-making class where we got this kit to make our own boba. It was something my wife was able to join and for the first time she was both happy about where I worked and jealous that she wasn’t also working there.

What is your favorite Instrumental Slack channel and why?

#we-are-parents, a place where we have baby-items exchange and protips. My kid is definitely too old to need anything so I’m happy to pass on our baby gear.

What do you like most about your job?

I get to work on extremely high impact and core projects that shape the company. Since I don’t really work on features I get the privilege of rolling out much longer term changes that either improve the company’s health or unlock new markets for our GTM teams to attack.

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