Team Spotlights: Blog Series

Our people are our most valuable product at Instrumental. We believe in hiring the best teammates who are ready to work with joy, be helpful, and play to win! Get to know some of our awesome teammates through this blog series.

Meet Nic Weidinger!

Senior ux designer

Today we'll meet Nic, our UX Designer. Learn more about how he collaborates with the engineering team, what he has learned about cooking from a teammate, and how he used 3-D printing to help grow plants.


What does your typical day look like at Instrumental?

About half of my time is spent collaborating closely with coworkers from the product and engineering teams to design and test new features for the Instrumental web app. The other half of my time is spent prototyping those designs in Figma.

Why did you choose Instrumental?

I see Instrumental as a core piece of infrastructure for the future of manufacturing. It is the interface for humans and artificial intelligence to collaborate in building a better world.

Tell us one thing that people may not know about you.

I really like growing plants and 3D printing. There’s a particular variety of carnivorous plant from Australia called a Cephalotus, which can be challenging to grow. For the past few years I have been working on a design for a custom 3D printed terrarium that provides the ideal living conditions for this rare plant.

Since joining Instrumental, what has been your favorite memory working here?

Other than getting to help build such an awesome product? Getting to know everyone who works here. It’s a treat getting to work with a bunch of smart people who care deeply about their work.

It has also been really fun being on the office decorating committee. We have been generating art with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and finding innovative ways to put that art up on the walls.

What is your favorite Instrumental Slack Channel and why?

The #we-make-things is a great channel. It’s always fun seeing what people build. Just the other day I learned that a thick slab of aluminum in the oven is great for cooking pizza.

What do you like most about your job?

Two things. The first is getting to collaborate with the team at Instrumental. It is inspiring.

The second is getting to see how the tool we’re building is helping our clients make better products. Working at a company that has a tangible and immediate impact on building more sustainable infrastructure is quite rewarding.

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