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Speed up your failure analysis with features that identify root causes

Identify potential root causes

The Correlations feature connects the dots between data sources and provides an AI-ranked list of highly correlated relationships.

Generate new data instantly

Retroactively measure any dimension using AI. It can quickly and efficiently measure hundreds of samples, which can be used to analyze failures or identify drifts and shifts.

Rapidly Search Images

The deep visual search quickly discovers the most anomalous and similar regions across multiple units in your build 

Track all defects

You can set up retroactive pass/fail tests to trace all defective units and quantify the impact of different defects in your build.


Use your image source or Instrumental stations

Capture images with your existing ones (like AOI machine, X-Ray, etc.) or use our drop-in stations.

Aggregate your data

Integrate with existing parametric tests, measurement systems, and custom data sources from your line.

No coding required

There is no need for a data scientist or expensive custom programming to integrate Instrumental with your data sources.

Use Filters

Filter by serial number, date, build stage, stations, etc.


Shows high anomaly regions in a unit.

comment & share

Raise concerns and highlight issues among your team members.

Set up monitors

Set up pass/fail tests for known issues.

MES Integration

Integrate with your MES to enforce failures and accurate yield reporting.

Explore other capabilities


100% Traceability with real-time manufacturing data record

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Operate AI

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