The AI and Data Platform for Your Entire Product Lifecycle

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Bring all of your serialized product data into a single platform.

Connect Existing data

Gather and aggregate your functional test data and images from suppliers, final assembly, and returns. 

Generate New Data

Instrumental's AI visual inspection system on an assembly line in a electronics manufacturing facility

Capture new images and videos using Instrumental Stations. Plus, generate new data with measurements and visual tests. 



Trace Unit Data from Any Source

100% Traceability with real-time manufacturing data record

The Trace feature offers a traceable dataset with all assembly, supply chain and returns data tied to a serial number to track down root causes. It enables virtual tear-downs and AI-based exploration of each unit in depth. No more relying on test teams to manually download data from multiple sources and struggling to combine them into an internal system.

Explore images and generate measurements.

Annotate and comment on interesting regions with markup tools, and generate instant distances using AI-powered measurements.

Search by serial numbers.

Efficiently sift through your data by using filters to search for specific serial numbers.

Explore the entire lifecycle of each unit

Dig deep into the supplier, assembly, and returns data of a specific serial number.

Add AI powers to discover, solve, and monitor issues. 

Instrumental offers flexible AI capabilities to detect defects, accelerate failure
analysis, and improve quality and yield.



Discover novel defects with visual AI.

Avoid extra builds and tests to find failures in your design. Meet your NPI deadlines by surfacing unknown issues in your assembly earlier using real-time data from the factory and an anomaly-detecting AI. It only needs five units to get started and is continuously learning.


Intercept known defects and oversee your factory operations

Don’t rely only on manual operators, who are only effective 80% of the time. Proactively improve quality and yield by augmenting operator judgment with AI that runs 100s of visual inspections and works in high-mix scenarios.


Accelerate your failure analysis with AI-powered correlations.

Skip making educated guesses on the potential root cause for failures that can be a hit or a miss. Improve engineering efficiency with an AI-ranked list of the most correlated relationships created by connecting the dots between different data sources.

Unlike AOI, Instrumental is a turn-key and comprehensive data platform with a continuously learning AI and failure analysis tools.

Instrumental is a versatile MES-compatible platform offering guided integration, secure cloud services, and dedicated customer support.

Connects with any MES system

Instrumental provides seamless two-way integrations with all major MES software. Instrumental’s platform enables customers to get real-time results on the line like any other test station and will push those results to the MES to enforce proper unit routing. Instrumental can also pull MES data into the platform to make functional test results available for analysis.

Guided integration and installation

Once we have reached an agreement, we collaborate with you to determine the required number of data integrations and instrumental stations for your program. Our technical team then delivers and installs Instrumental stations, and integrates data from test stations to the app in coordination with your factory.

Secure and reliable cloud platform

Instrumental has the best in class security practices that keep your data safe. Data is always encrypted at rest as well as in transit. Engineers can access data using unique user accounts with secure passwords and MFA and operators access only the inspection screen. In case of an emergency, we provide fast resolution and 24/7 support. 

Dedicated customer success team

Our Customer Success Management teams are responsible for onboarding the engineering team and demonstrating the powerful workflows that will assist them in their daily tasks and provide value. They are also responsible for training the operators on the assembly line on how to use the Instrumental stations for inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instrumental is best for products with medium to high complexity, high-performance requirements, or zero defect requirements. Instrumental customers make as few as ten units/month up to 1M / day.   Our technology supports both low- and high-mix environments. 

The platform’s value persists throughout the entire product lifecycle, even after initial objectives have been accomplished, making it a reliable and long-term business partner. It is sought after in three critical scenarios by its customers: 

  1. Accelerate NPI Programs
  2. Improve quality and Yield in Production
  3. Data and AI Transformation

While uploading both images and data maximizes value, we recognize unique situations. Instrumental accommodates uploading solely data or images based on your specific needs, ensuring valuable insights in either scenario.

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