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Hosted by Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, Change Notice is where industry thought-leaders discuss topics relating to consumer electronics, supply chain, and manufacturing optimization. Register for the next event below.

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Upcoming Episode: How contract manufacturers can achieve remote work excellence with off the shelf tooling.

In today’s climate, adopting manufacturing technologies from third parties (rather than making your own) is becoming a best practice for contract manufacturers.

On this week’s Change Notice, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky will explore how and why contract manufacturers are adopting these technologies from third parties and which are the most frequently used tools. Joined by Pete Staples from Blue Clover Devices, this virtual discussion will dive into the tools teams are using to increase collaboration, efficiency, and optimize remote work arrangements. This event will be particularly useful for managers and leaders with teams based in the US and abroad.

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Episode 3: Chip Shortages

In this Change Notice event, Anna-Katrina, Andre, and Case will be discussing chip shortages and practical tips on the topic.

The global IC/semiconductor shortage (“chip shortage”) is impacting electronics companies in three ways:
1. Teams need to make their orders earlier
2. Parts are more expensive, increasing BOM (bill of materials) costs by 8-10%
3. Teams are being forced to build with the parts they can get, which sometimes means costly and time-consuming redesigns.

The panel of Anna, Andre, and Case will explore topics and practical tips related to these impacts.

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Andre Neumann-Loreck

Founder & Managing Partner, On Tap Consulting

Andre co-founded On Tap Consulting in 2013. Here, he and his team support hundreds of hardware startups. Prior to this, Andre was the VP of Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations for Cisco Systems Consumer Products Division (Linksys and Flip Video). He also built and led successful teams at Pure Digital Technologies (Flip Video; sold to Cisco Systems) where he was C.O.O. He served on the Board of Santur Corporation which was sold to NeoPhotonics and has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies and startups.


Case Engelen

CEO, Titoma

Titoma does end-to-end design & manufacturing of embedded electronics for B2B customers. Working closely with the supply chain in Asia, right from the architecture, results in better value and faster Time To Market (hence Titoma).

He has been working in Taiwan & China for some 25 years. After running an ID & ME firm in Taiwan for 5 years, he started Titoma in 2001. The company has offices in Taiwan and Colombia, and manufactures both in China & Taiwan, with a strong focus on reliability.

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Episode 2: How eero rapidly evolved in 5 years

There’s no such thing as over-communication in product development. Especially in a highly cross-functional PD process, transparency is king to building trust across the org.

At eero, they pulled hardware practices into their software teams, and vice versa. Fascinating to learn about the process exchange, from using Github for design version control, to instituting stage-gate reviews in their software process.

During this week’s episode of Change Notice, Anna-Katrina is joined by Nate Hardison, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of eero, to talk about how he took his simple, reliable home WiFi system from concept to Amazon acquisition in 5 years.

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Nate Hardison
CPO & Co-Founder, eero

Eero, based in San Francisco, was founded in 2014 by Nick Weaver, Amos Schallich, and Nate Hardison with the goal of making Wi-Fi simple to use, easy to install, and effective across many rooms in the house.

A Stanford alumnus, Nate currently leads eero’s product management, design, and engineering teams.

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Episode 1: The common misconceptions of AOI

This Change Notice event is a masterclass on computer vision from Alex Lee. Alex is a 15 year veteran of Keyence.

During this episode, Alex explores the common misconceptions of AOI and how to set yourself up for success when selecting the right AOI solution for your company.

Alex Lee

Sales Executive, Instrumental

Alex Lee is an industry veteran with 14 years of experience in manufacturing, R+D, and biotech with Keyence. Here, he was responsible for launching the companies first medical research microscope division, lead automation teams, and was an early member of their industrial microscopy product team. Alex also graduated from The Citadel in 2005 with a degree in Physics.

Currently, he leads the Enterprise Account Executive team at Instrumental, Inc. where the team is making it easier to solve problems in manufacturing by closing and accelerating feedback loops in development and production.

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